We’re passionate about wellness and we’re passionate about using the power of herbs and natural medicine to bring wellness into your life. We want you to experience the wonderful benefits of our unique blends that can fit seamlessly into your daily rituals.

Before we started Esentea, we spent three years of unceasing research. Of trial and error. Our personal experiences with the health of family members - one being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 35 years ago, allowed us to see how important it is to embrace the goodness of natural remedies and how it can impact our wellbeing and healing of the mind and body. Finally, we had our Eureka breakthrough moment. Esentea wellness blends was born. But our research didn’t stop there. We spent another year of testing and trialling various formulations, and the benefits and effects of each blend.

We worked with experts

We worked with a qualified tea sommelier, who was highly trained in the taste, history and general knowledge of tea. We also worked with a naturopath to ensure that our formulations did what they should.


Along with formulating our tea blends, we searched for and then sourced
our teabags. Not only did they have to be of the highest quality and all
natural, but they had to be biodegradable and compostable, too.
They’re free from chemicals. From toxins, From nylon, and plastic. There
are no synthetic fibres, and no petroleum-based materials.
What are they made of? 100% sugar cane—NON-GMO. So when you drink
our tea blends, that’s just what you get. All the flavour and the benefits—
without any hidden nasties.

Packaging Tubes

We’ve had our eco-friendly paper packaging tubes specially designed with
biodegradable material. We firmly believe in the importance of
sustainability. It’s an integral part of our ethos and underpins our Esentea


We source all our herbs and natural supplements ethically, and we hand
blend all ingredients here in Australia.
The result? Natural, premium organic tea blends and supplements,
designed specifically to improve your health, wellness, and overall

We're all about you

You’re the reason we developed Esentea. To know that our products can
benefit you is such a privilege. And it was worth every effort. Every trial and
every error. Every part of our journey into making our wellness blends
that can improve your lifestyle.


For health. For wellness. For YOU!